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Application for membership may be made by any resident of Collingham and District.

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday in the month from September (AGM) to July, with speakers and demonstrations on all aspects of gardening and related topics.  

Meetings mainly take place in the Mayfield Room at the rear of the Memorial Hall at 7.30pm but please see posters, details in the Fleet or on our website to confirm.  Any enquiries to

Outside visits may be arranged in June and July.  There is a SPRING FLOWER SHOW, PLANT SALE and COFFEE MORNING in April and THE AUTUMN SHOW in September.

Annual membership is £6.00 per person and the meeting fee £1.50 each includes refreshments.

Non members are very welcome and the meeting fee will be £3.00 again to include refreshments.


1 To improve the horticultural skills and knowledge of residents of Collingham and District.

2 To organise speaker meetings, horticultural shows and competitions, and other events as the Committee may decide.

3 To promote discount opportunities for members.


Chair - David Tongue             Vice Chair - Ruth Hollands                 Treasurer - Marion Tongue

Secretary - David Jennings                Membership Secretary - Marion Tongue

Programme organiser - Hilary Sheffield        Show Secretary – David Jennings

Committee Members - Betty Boorman, Ian Roe and Elaine Jones

The History of the Association

Collingham and District Gardening Association began during the Second World War in response to the Dig for Victory Campaign and was then called the Village Produce Association.  It sought

  • the improvement of the local natural environment;
  • the improvement of member’s horticultural and vegetable production skills and knowledge through mutual assistance and competition and
  • the acquisition of seeds, bulbs etc. pertaining to good gardening production through the strength and financial advantages of joint wholesale purchasing.

The annual subscription was £1 per household with a store in David Tingle’s yard where members could purchase most of their gardening needs at a discount. It was very ably managed by Reg Golland. Eventually it became uneconomic and was closed.

The VPA was closed for a period and when it was resurrected, and in order to attract a wider membership from nearby villages, the title was changed to Collingham and District Gardening Association. 

Its aims remain much the same – interesting speakers, improvement of knowledge and skills, the organisation of shows and promoting discount opportunities.

The aims are fulfilled by the Annual Programme.

Contact the Secretary by Email or by telephone 01522 778600